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Alex Puccio on Jade (V14) in Upper Chaos Canyon. 

Photo by Joel Zerr

A true inspiration! Not only did she send her hardest route yet, she is now the fourth women to climb V14. In addition, she sent Wild Cat V12/V11 on the other side of the boulder shortly after her sent of Jade. Her dedication and determination to climbing is simply motivating! 

Ashima Shiraishi climbing Southern Smoke and Lucifer (5.14c) Red River Gorge.

Photo by DPM Climbing.

Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra both cruxing on La Dura Dura (The Hard Hard).
Adam was the first to ascent this 5.15c route set by Chris Sharma in 2009. After two years and countless attempts, Ondra finally took the route, proposing it to be the toughest climb in the world. Months later, Sharma made the second ascent by feeding off of Ondra’s energy.

Photographed by Bernardo Gimenez

All information by RockandIce

Alex Honnold deep water soloing, this doe-eyed climber is amazing! At age 28 Honnold has made a name for himself through his seemingly effortless free solo climbing. Not only has he broken numerous records in speed climbing, he is the only known solo climber to successfully complete the Yosemite Triple. Cool dude right here! But we all knew that already.
Photographed by Jimmy Chin. Couldn’t ask for a better photographer either!

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!
Mirko Caballero sending Meadowlark Lemom stand-start.
At only 13, Caballero of California is now the youngest person to climb V14.
The second youngest was Adam Ondra at 15 (and look how far he has gone).

Photo by George Bruce Wilson.

Daniel Woods!
Photo: © John Evans / Petzl

Jay Koh on Greed 8c, Krabi.
First Singaporean to climb 8c

Anonymous asked: Why are all of the climbing blogs so far apart? Shouldn't we all have like a giant meet up at some crag and climb and slackline and be awesome?

Holy good idea! That would be amazing! I mean WILL BE amazing!

Adam Ondra in Perlorodka, 11+, Holštejn, Moravský Kras

You can’t help but love this guy.

Dunedin free-climber Jonathon Clearwater is pictured climbing in the Darran Mountains, Fiordland. 

Photo by Derek Thatcher

Read about Jonathon Clearwater!

(Also sorry for the random photo posts. I have two blogs and they accidentally traded for a day). 

Seán Villanueva O’Driscoll sets two new routes in Patagonia including Los Fabulosos Dos.

Nalle Hukkataival doing the first ascent of Peahi (V12) in Rocklands, South Africa

Photograph by Cameron Maier. 

Happy New Year!

Long Dong, Taiwan. Climber: Anja Mikoushkina. Photo: Matt Robertson.


Squamish Rock, Fluffy Kitten Wall and Centrefold on Papoose 

Climbing in the North Cascades Mountains